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James Bryce

Actor, musician and writer for nearly 40 years now, James has appeared in many films and TV series, in addition to numerous roles in theatre productions.

His music is wide-ranging: jazz, musicals, theatre, children's work for the BBC, and works for the concert-hall.

James Bryce: CV

You can now download James' CV in PDF format.   The current version is as at Sep 2015, and it will be updated regularly.

Voice Work

The Voice page has full details of this aspect of James's life; but here are two short examples of his work:


Stiven-Christie Management
1 Glen Street

Tel: 0131-228-4040
Fax: 0131-228-4645


Latest show

Nijinsky's Last Jump: Spring 2016

The rhythm of obsession, a journey into mental illness. The compulsions of a young Nijinsky and the inner life of an older Nijinsky come face to face in this sharp and moving show.

The play has received very favourable reviews from the Daily Telegraph, The Times, the Guardian and others, and is a moving study of ageing and mental decline.

Full poster with details...


On the left is a showreel in Flash format with brief excerpts from some of James' work.

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Nijinsky's Last Jump

The tour dates have now been finalised - 12 venues across Scotland plus a performance in Oxford. Fir full details, see the tour dates PDF file.


James is currently working on an arrangement of his "Fantasia on London Themes" for the Open Orchestra.

Whisky Kisses

Whisky Kisses is shortly to be published by Stagescripts

Urban fantasy

A pilot has been made of a fantasy series starring James Bryce. Border Queen explores the world of dreams, and there are more detsils on the News Page

More news

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