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The critics

No concessions to fashion... the work of someone with a clear vision... very original lyrics... the ideas come thick and fast

Out of the Bedroom

Sets a fierce agenda when you want to cut to the heart of the matter


Intelligent, thought-provoking... If we'd known him for the last 20 or 30 years he'd probably sell bushels of CDs



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CDs available for preview and purchase

Some excerpts from tracks on this page - highlighted as links - are available for online listening. These are in MP3 format.

CDs can be ordered through Paypal on this page.   Albums for download - and physical CDs too - can be ordered on https://jimbryce.bandcamp.com.

Alternatively, you can contact James Bryce direct to order music.

A Kind of Circle (Figment 5) (£6.00)

From the yells in the womb to the knells of the tomb and a kind of transfiguration

'Epic Album....from whispers to shouts...abstract to fine art...an album of many contrasts with a thread of brilliant song writing sewing the stories together' (FF).

'Hugely ambitious, splendid work....the music often has that quality so necessary to outstanding work... of sounding, simultaneously, both surprising and inevitable' (RF)

  1. Livin through the Metaphors / Susie
  2. Five year old
  3. 16
  4. Cool and collected
  5. London Song
  6. Now
  7. Invisible Waltz
  8. Celebration
  9. At the Last
  10. Ward
  11. Yer Song
  12. Track 13
  13. Breathing
A Grope of Foolish Poke Songs (Figment 4) (£6.00)


  1. The Alopecia Stroll
  2. Joshi's Song
  3. Talking 'bout you
  4. Eli Kazan
  5. Chompy Thing
  6. Susie
  7. Oh, Yas!
  8. The Waterways Fiddler
  9. Rap II
  10. Ivan's Troika
  11. Oink! / Rosie
  12. Piscatorial Blues
  13. Don't Suck the Stones on the Railway
  14. Murphy's Song
Sprinting Round a One-inch Circle (Figment 3) (£6.00)

Sets a fierce agenda when you want to cut to the heart of the matter (Musician Magazine)

Intelligent, thought-provoking… If we’d known him for the last 20 or 30 years he’d probably sell bushels of CDs (MGCK)

  1. New Directions for the Blues
  2. Confession
  3. No Whispers in the Corporation
  4. Dawn Promises (I can't give you my love, dear,
    but I'll make you a cup of tea
  5. On the Twilight Mountain
  6. Strange Thing
  7. A Kind of Hesitation
  8. Afterglow
  9. Moon and Water Song
  10. Pibroch
  11. Samuel Beckett has Died today
  12. The Caller
  13. Exit
Bootlegged By His Own Hand (Figment 1) (£6.00)

An eclectic collection ranging from folk to music-hall to rock to touches of jazz.

  1. (Tentatively) Rejoice!
  2. McKenzie Comes Soon
  3. Ariel's Song
  4. Lament
  5. Helios
  6. Hyena Hop
  7. Peggy
  8. Hymn to the New Year
  9. Relinquish
  10. Living Through the Metaphors
  11. Equestrian Meet-Hayling Island
  12. Hotel
  13. Waiting for the Man
Just Flying Kites (Figment 2) (£6.00)

Primarily instrumental: touches of jazz, touches of rock, touches of the classics, eclectic mix

  1. Instrumental to, by, with or from
  2. Blues Lullaby (from Portrait)
  3. Broadway
  4. Meeting in the Park
  5. Street Party
  6. Aileen
  7. McCarthy's Bayou
  8. One Summer's Day (that was the way it is)
  9. The End of the Affair
  10. Riverline
  11. Now the Earth is sleeping