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Since 1982, James Bryce has done over 300 broadcasts for the BBC and other organisations, and indeed had one year with the BBC radio drama company.

He has taught radio technique at Queen Margaret University College, Edinburgh, and can regularly be heard as a voice for trailers for BBC Scotland.

Radio director

The Piper on the roofHarris Tweed and Golden Slippers; Eireaball na dibhe (the hangover); Shaman in the kitchen; Morrison's Van (a four-part murder mystery with a wry tongue-in-cheek look at the Highlands); Rinse Aid.

Madeleine Smith

James also appeared (with Jimmy Campbell) in a BBC special on the notorious Glasgow poisoner.

Vocal work by James Bryce

A specialist in voice-overs and talking books, James has a huge number of adverts, corporate videos, training films etc to his name.

An example of his work can be heard here (music & lyrics by James Bryce), and two special voice demos are also available:

A number of the titles listed here can be bought on Audible.

Full list of work

Drama includes...
Macbeth Silver darlings Oedipus
Romeo and Juliet Rodney Stone The King Must Die
A Man for All Seasons (Roper) Sir Thomas More Luther (Von Egk)
Boris Godunov The Secret Agent Fueneovejuna
Hamlet (Laertes) Trelawney of the Wells Keep the Aspidistra Flying
Micah Clark Jekyll and Hyde (Hyde) Cap and Bells (Ciampa)
Les Miserables Secret Sharer (Michaelis) Misadventures of John Nicholson
Weir of Hermiston Children of the Dead End The Archers
Waverley Sunset Song The Leopard
Greenvoe1 Havisham Daniel Deronda (Grandcourt)2
Baltasar and Blimunda Adam Bede (15 part series) Xmas at Dingley Dell (Sam Weller)
Carver (James V) The Gigantic Boar (George III) .
  1. Live recorded readings with orchestra
  2. This is available on BBC cassette
Readings for programmes include
Bookshelf Time for Verse Kaleidoscope
Enquire Within Usual Suspects Traveltime
Poetry of Scotland The Irawaddy Flotilla The Beast That Can Talk
John Muir (6 parts) . .
Various readings, including works by...
Robert Burns Kenneth White R S Silver
George Mackay Brown Nigel Tranter Desmond Tutu
Seamus Heaney John Banville James Kelman
Alasdair Gray Louis de Bernieres J G Ballard
Rousseau Ian Rankin .
Short stories include...
The Boatman Markheim Confessions of a justified sinner (10 parts)
Rob Roy (10 parts) The Fanatic (10 parts) The Ghost Riders of Pittenweem
Readings for "Storyteller" . .
Advertising companies include...
The Bridge Alliance McCann Erilson Strathearn
Struthers Morgan Viewplan Mearns & Gill
John Morgan Scot FM AT & T
Faulds Radio Works Lightworks
Waterside Picardy Leith Agency
Murricane's Marr's Adpartners
Advertising includes...
Sunday Post Glasgow Herald Kwik-Fit
Scotrail Dewar's Black Bottle whisky
Evening Times Dunfermline Building Society Gleneagles Hotel
Direct Holidays Scottish Provident Scottish Equitable
British Telecom Daily Record Calton Bingo
Scottish Blend Scottish Power Scottish Office
Tennants Jetstream National Cash Registers
Bell Laboratories Total Tunnocks
Scottish Centre for Falconry The Government BP

Talking books (most obtainable from Isis Publishing)

  • Books can be bought as cassette / CD / MP3, and some are available for download

  • Links to individual books are marked with **

  • Hard and download copy from the Isis titles can be got through Isis' site- the reading house

    • Quintin Jardine: The Bad Fire

    • Paul Johnstone: Heads or Hearts

    • DE Stevenson: Smouldering Fire

    • Anthony WSynne: Murder of a Lady

  • Most titles can be bought through James' Amazon selection

Dorling Kindersley
** The Religions Book Audible .
Campbell Armstrong
The Bad Fire Isis .
The Last Darkness Isis .
White Rage Isis .
Butcher Isis .
Tessa Barclay
Farewell Performance Isis .
Graeme Burnet
The disappearance of Adele Bedeau RNIB .
Maggie Craig
Gathering Storm Soundings .
Ken Follett
A place called Freedom RNIB .
Gillian Galbraith
The Good Priest Soundings .
Gerald Hammond
Dead Weight Isis .
Richard Holloway
A Little History of Religion Audible .
Julia Hands
Smuggled Diamonds RNIB .
Joyce Holms
Mr Big Isis .
Bitter End Isis .
Foreign Body Isis .
Thin Ice Isis .
Payment Deferred Isis .
Bad Vibes Isis .
Hidden Depths Isis .
Quintin Jardine
Mathew's Tale Isis .
Last Resort Isis .
Autographs in the Rain Isis .
Gallery Whispers Isis .
Murmuring the Judges Isis .
Skinner's Ghost Isis .
Thursday Legends Isis .
Headshot Isis .
Fallen Gods Isis .
Stay of Execution Isis .
Lethal Intent Isis .
Death's Door Isis .
Aftershock Isis .
A Rush of Blood Isis .
Grievous Angel Isis .
Funeral Note Isis .
Skinner's Rules Isis .
Skinner's Festival Isis .
Skinner's Trail Isis .
Skinner's Round Isis .
Dead and Buried Isis .
Fatal Last Words Isis .
Skinner's Ordeal Isis .
Skinner's Mission Isis .
Pray for the Dying Isis .
Dead End Isis .
State Secrets Isis .
Private investigations Isis .
A Brush with Death Isis .
Cold Case Isis .
The Bad Fire Isis .
Paul Johnstone
Heads or Hearts Magna .
Peter Kerr
Snowball Oranges Isis .
The Cruise Connection Isis .
Manana Manana Isis .
Thistle Soup Isis .
Viva Mallorca Isis .
A Basketful of Snowflakes Isis .
The Mallorca connection1 Isis .
The Sporran connection1 Isis .
Fiddler on the Make Isis .
The Gannet has Landed Isis .
Don't Call me Clyde Soundings .
  1. In the series Bob Burns Investigates...
Alanna Knight
The Gowrie Conspiracy Isis .
Bill Knox
Blood Proof Isis Winner: Audiophones Earphones award 2000
Deadline for a Dream Isis .
Death Bytes Isis .
Death Department Isis .
The CounterFeit Killers Isis .
Deep Fall Isis .
Litle Drops of Blood Isis .
Sanctuary Isle Isis .
The Taste of Proof Isis .
The Man in the Bottle Isis .
Children of the Mist Isis .
The Crossfire Killings Isis .
A Killing in Antiques Isis .
Penalty Shootout Isis .
The Tallyman Isis .
. . .
Jack London
A Piece of Steak/The Mexican Colophone COL 2002
Peter MacDonald
Corners of my Mind Isis .
Angus McVicar
Heather in my Ears Isis .
Salt in my Porridge Isis .
Rocks in my Scotch Isis .
Anthony Masters stories
Tod in Biker City Barrington Stoke .
Bicycle Blues Barrington Stoke .
Gwen Moffat
Quicksand Isis .
Eric Newby
** A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush Audible .
** Love and War in the Appenines Audible .
** Slowly down the Ganges Audible .
Sally Rena
Sea Road West Isis .
Ian Rankin
Fleshmarket close RNIB .
James Robertson
Scottish Ghost Stories Isis .
Marcus du Sautoy
** Number Mysteries Audible .
D E Stevenson
The Smouldering Fire Soundings .
Ian Campbell Thompson
The Hired Lad Isis .
Nigel Tranter
Tinker's Pride Novelsound ISBN 18998410803
Peter Turnbull
The Man With No Face Isis .
Roderick Wilkinson
Memories of Maryhill Isis .
Mary Withall
The Poppy Orchard Isis .
The Flight of the Cormorants Isis .
Glover Wright
Blood Enemies Isis .
Anthony Wynne
Murder of a Lady Isis .
Scotland talking series
The Massacre of Glencoe Scotland Talking ST1